Office hours vary according to the clinician working with you:


Juliana Negreiros, Ph.D., Registered Psychologist ($225/50-min):

  • Monday: Virtual appointments only (9am-5pm)

  • Tuesday and Thursday: In-person appointments (9am-5pm)

Diana Yamin Franco, M.A., CCC($150/50-min):

  • Thursday & Friday: Virtual appointments only (9am-5pm)


Laura Belschner, M.A., RCC, Ph.D. Practicum Student ($110/50-min):

  • Wednesday: Virtual or in-person appointments (10am-8pm)

Julia Vernon, Ph.D. Practicum Student ($110/50-min):

  • Monday: Virtual or in-person appointments (9am-7pm)

  • Wednesday: Virtual appointments only (9am-5pm)

Psycho-Educational Assessment
A psycho-educational assessment costs between $2,700 and $3,150 depending on the type of evaluation required, paid via e-transfer or cheque. Please contact our team for more information. 

The fee for a parent or school consultation is $290 for a 65-minute session, and this includes the time spent meeting with you and creating a list of resources after the meeting.

Please contact our team for more information about workshop fees.

As this is a private service, the fee associated with it must be paid
at the end of each session by cash, cheque, or electronic transfer. You may be able to bill your extended health plan for psychological services. Please consult your provider for details and note that psychological fees not covered by insurance are a tax-deductible medical expense.